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kyuteuk's Journal

규현 ♥ 이특 - Because the world needs more KyuTeuk
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Cho Kyuhyun (규현) ♥ Leeteuk (이특)

Super Junior's Cho Kyuhyun (규현) ♥ Leeteuk (이특) pairing community

01. All entries must be KyuTeuk, Kyuhyun, or Leeteuk-related. General entries should be posted in Super Junior Main Community. Entries can be news, cyworld entries, pictures, videos / streamings, graphics and fanfictions.
02. Lj-cut is necessary for long entries, including news and picture spams. Please refer here of how to do lj-cut.
03. Cite out the original source for news and/or translation. Credit is also necessary for pictures (especially when it is demanded by the original source).
04. Fanfictions and graphics are allowed to be posted. Do list basic header and give a maximum of three (3) previews.
05. No advertising is allowed without permission from mod. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to advertise.
06. Please tag your entries accordingly. Don't worry if the tag is not created yet, I will add it for you :3
07. No bashing and flaming is allowed. Enjoy yourself and spread KyuTeuk love!

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Please direct all questions to amine87sj@gmail.com
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